Borrow from Us

Crafts Council lends objects to museums, galleries, hospitals, universities, heritage buildings and corporate venues for anything from 24 hours to a year. Knowsley Culture Development & Events Service, for example, are borrowing the objects you see below for ‘Crafted’, a biennial multi-site contemporary craft & design exhibition taking place in the summer of 2016. We have worked with the curator to make a wide-ranging selection of craft disciplines, which include a number of makers from or based in the North West, to be shown at Kirkby Gallery. Read more about how you too could borrow from our collection.
Aung San Suu Kyi
2012  (2014.1)
A Tall Pink Round Wedgwoodn't Tureen
2010  (P493)
Propagation Project #105
2001  (M73)
'Flow' Bracelets
2012  (J306)
'Flow' Bracelets
2012  (J307)
Tilted: Silver Plate Spoon and Pewter (from 'Spoonie Collection')
2011  (M89)
Tilted: Silver Plate Spoon and Pewter (from 'Spoonie Collection')
2011  (M90)
Conical: American Silver Spoon and Pewter (from 'Spoonie Collection')
2011  (M91)
2003  (J280)
Gardens of Arqua Petrarca #6
2003  (J281)
Wednesday Light
2001  (W150)
6-Plated Bowl
1980  (M36)
Scott's Cumbrian Blues
2012  (2013.6)