Sisters Support Each Other (2018.22)

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Sisters Support Each Other

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Rectangular banner with cartoon character Lucy van Pelt on green floral background and a slogan 'Sisters support each other'.

Materials and techniques

Fabrics sourced from the maker's own collection.

The maker started with cutting templates from large sheets of newsprint. Fabrics were cut into shapes according to the templates. The cuttings were machine appliqued onto a fabric base.


length:  98cm
width:  69cm

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  • Sisters Support Each Other, Rosie Mitchell, 2018. Crafts Council Collection: 2018.22. Photo: Stokes Image Ltd.

Maker's statement

I made this banner for the PROCESSIONS 2018 event organised by Artichoke, which celebrated the centenary of the first UK women granted the right to vote.

Even though Lucy van Pelt doesn’t really reflect many of my values as a person, I like that her attitude and behaviour reflects what I as a woman am often scared to be- loud, unabashed in my opinions and not afraid to be aggressive – something which society doesn’t seem to allow for in young women, so I like to see it represented.

I wanted her to be yelling in her usual way and bossing people around, but instead of her usual insults I wanted her to use her bossiness and loud voice to encourage people to lift up and support ALL women and femmes. I don’t think this comes across entirely in such a short little phrase “sisters support each other” but the intention was there!

It was also really important for me to make this piece of work on a sewing machine. I know that many of the banners for Processions were hand sewn, but for me the sewing machine has been an extension of myself – I normally make clothes but this has inspired me to think about making more banners and wall hangings.

Rosie Mitchell, 06/08/2018