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Posters from the Crafts Council Collections

Posters from Crafts Council exhibitions and events from the present to 1974's first international touring exhibition 'Ceramic Forms'.
Poster, Fielding Talk 2016 with David Poston
2016  (AM487)
Poster, SHOWTIME (1/10)
2016  (2017.6)
Envelope for the A4 handbill, Our Future is in the Making
2014  (AM485)
Handbill, Our Future is in the Making
2014  (AM484)
Poster, 1/100, Our Future is in the Making
2014  (2017.7)
Poster, Collecting A Kaleidoscope
2008  (AM482)
Poster, Mixed Belongings: Eight Contemporary African Makers
2005  (AM481)
Poster, Beauty and the Beast: New Swedish Design
2004  (AM480)
Poster, Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2004: Furniture
2004  (AM479)
Poster, Making Buildings
2001  (AM478)
Poster, Industry of One: Designer Makers in Britain 1981-2001
2001  (AM477)
Poster, Only Human: an exhibition about body and soul
1999  (AM476)
Poster, (UN)LIMITED Repetition and Change in Contemporary International Craft
1999  (AM475)
Poster, No Picnic
1998  (AM474)
Poster, Objects of Our Time
1996  (AM473)
Poster, What is Jewellery?
1994  (AM472)
Poster, True to Type: Introducing letterpress printing and the works of small presses
1994  (AM471)
Poster, Visions of Craft 1972-1993
1993  (AM470)
Poster, Influential Europeans in British Craft and Design
1992  (AM469)
Poster, Can't Stop Me Now! The Creative Lives of Twenty Craftspeople
1991  (AM468)
Poster, Diverse Cultures
1990  (AM467)
Poster, British Jewellery 1960-1985 & German Jewellery
1989  (AM466)
Poster, Eric Ravilious: A retrospective of his life and work & Gillian Lowndes: New Ceramic Sculpture
1987  (AM465)
Poster, Carol McNicoll: Ceramics and William Jefferies: Tapestry
1985  (AM429)
Poster, A Collection in the Making
1985  (AM428)
Poster, Art in Production: Soviet Textiles, Fashion and Ceramics
1985  (AM427)
Poster, Carol McNicoll: Ceramics
c.1985  (AM430)
Poster, 'Colouring Metals'
c.1985  (AM314)
Poster, Texstyles: British Designer/Makers Meet the Textile Challenge
c.1984  (AM426)
Poster, David Pye, Wood Carver and Turner: A Retrospective
c.1984  (AM435)
Poster, Stephenie Bergman and Bryan Illsey
1984  (AM425)
Poster, The Omega Workshops, 1913-1919: the Decorative Arts of Bloomsbury
1984  (AM423)
Poster, Crafts America
1983  (AM464)
Poster, A Closer Look: Lettering/ Rugs/ Wood
1983  (AM463)
Poster, The Jewellery Project New British and European Work 1980-83
1983  (AM462)
Poster, A Closer Look: Rugs
1983  (AM422)
Poster, Posters Promoting the Crafts
c.1983  (AM434)
Poster, Lights at the Crafts Council and The Well Dressed Christmas Tree
1982  (AM420)
Poster, Colouring Metals
1982  (AM419)
Poster, West Coast Ceramics and Martin Smith
1982  (AM418)
Poster, Making It: A Career in the Crafts
1982  (AM404)
Poster, Bluecoat Display Centre Group Exhibition
1982  (AM308)
Poster, 'Pick of the Tops'
1982  (AM238)
Poster, Jacqui Poncelet: New Ceramics
1981  (AM402)
Poster, Weaving
1981  (AM401)
Poster, Kaffe Fassett and Bill Gibb Fashion Show
1981  (AM237)
Poster, The Artist At Work
1981  (AM155)
Poster, Caring for Objects
1980  (AM436)
Poster, Furniture Projects
1980  (AM415)
Poster, Waterloo Place Gallery
c.1980  (AM416)
Poster, The Shoe Show: British Shoes since 1790
c.1980  (AM432)
Poster, The Shoe Show: British Shoes since 1790
1979  (AM431)
Poster, The Work of Alison Britton
1979  (AM400)
Poster, Meet the Craftsmen: Textile Tour
1979  (AM384)
Poster, 'Michael Brennand-Wood: Thread Collages and Caroline Broadhead: Jewellery'
1979  (AM229)
Poster, La Poterie Anglaise Contemporaine
c.1979  (AM413)
Poster, Carousel: A changing selection of objects by Craftsmen from the Crafts Advisory Committee Index
1978  (AM461)
Poster, Michael Rowe: Objects in Metal
1978  (AM439)
Poster, The Framing of Howard Raybould
1978  (AM399)
Poster, Glenys Barton at Wedgwood
1977  (AM460)
Poster, Domestic Pottery Recipes
1977  (AM411)
Poster, Rugs for Churches
1977  (AM398)
Poster, Meet the Craftsmen 1977
1977  (AM386)
Poster, Helga Zahn, A retrospective assessment 1960-1976: jewellery, paintings and drawings
1976  (AM459)
Poster, 1/2 Dozen.The work of six British craftsmen
1976  (AM458)
Poster, Showbusiness, The Gallery Scene: Role of the Craft Gallery
1976  (AM440)
Poster, Auf Tournee: Zehn Britische Goldschmeide in Deuschland und Australien
c.1976  (AM408)
Poster, David Watkins: Recent Acrylic Jewellery and Bodyforms
1975  (AM437)
Poster, The Craftsman's Art
1975  (AM438)
Poster, Sutton/Treen: Contemporary Textiles and Jewellery
c.1975  (AM433)
Poster, On Tour: 10 British Jewellers in Germany and Australia
c.1975  (AM409)
Poster, Keramische Formen/Formy Ceramiczne
1974  (AM483)
Poster, Keramische Formen
1974  (AM405)