Two Legged Vessel (LI.2020.44)

Catalogue Record



Bisila Noha


Two Legged Vessel



Materials and techniques

Baney Clay and White Stoneware

Object number



Courtesy of the Artist.

Maker's statement

Baney Clay: An Unearthed Identity is a milestone in my personal journey to connect with my own ancestry and blackness.

The title, Baney, comes from my dad’s home village in Equatorial Guinea, where the clay I have used comes from. Baney is located in the Bioko Norte Province of Bioko, the largest island in EG where the capital Malabo is.

With this collection I aim to question the ‘norm’ in Art. How Southern art has historically been considered ‘primitive’ or ‘exotic’ and belittled; how when it comes to Pottery - a traditionally female craft -, when the wheel is invented and men take over, hand-built pots - mostly made by women within their domestic compounds - are taken for granted and assigned no artistic value.

I believe that progress will only come when patriarchy is over; when colonialist and Western-centric views are a thing of the past and the North and the South are one; when the South stops being ‘the back yard’ of Western countries.

And so, I have brought all these concepts together through clay: the Baney pieces are made with different mixtures of Stoneware or Porcelain and my Baney Clay, it being an allegory of the South and Women.