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Highlights from the Handling Collection

Started in 1979, the Crafts Council Handling Collection is a wonderful learning resource of over 700 objects. The examples below from this collection have recently been out and about in the successful First Decade learning programme which you can read more about in our First Decade blog.
Mug and Stand
1994  (HC293)
c.1980  (HC162)
White earthenware sample
c.1990  (HC169)
Red earthenware sample with blue and white stripe
c.1990  (HC168)
Batik Sample
(no date)  (HC518)
Batik Sample
(no date)  (HC517)
(no date)  (HC52)
(no date)  (HC2)
Dovetail Joint
(no date)  (HC568)
Dowels for jointing
(no date)  (HC574)
Wiggly Wood
(no date)  (HC393)
1982  (HC379)
1982  (HC378)
Spiral bangle
1982  (HC377)
Flexible Armpiece
1978 - 1979  (HC733)
Perspex Multiple
1976  (HC398)
Perspex Multiple
1976  (HC399)
Irregular shaped Brooch
1982  (HC731)
Kite Shaped Brooch
1982  (HC730)
Small twisted coiled necklace ('Twist Twist' model)
2010  (HC737)
Flexible Armpiece
1978 - 1979  (HC734)
Flexible Armpiece
1978 - 1979  (HC732)
Spiral arm piece
1994  (HC694)
Swift 02 headpiece
(no date)  (HC599)
Crocheted brooch
2008  (HC400)
Interlocked Wool Square
1976  (HC1022)
Wooden Bowl
1986  (HC387)