Basic Search

To search our Collections and Images, type one or more words in the search box and click the button marked 'Search'. This search will bring up all fields in the database and return records with the most relevant at the top. You can search within specific collections, or across the entire Collections Online catalogue.

You can look for objects by type, ie necklace, table, etc, or you can do an advanced search to focus on particular disciplines, materials, makers and object types. Click Advanced Search for more ways to search.

Advanced search options

By clicking 'Advanced Search' you can search for words or names in particular fields of the database. You can enter search terms into more than one field and you can use the 'Advanced Search' box to combine your search with terms you have entered into the basic search box.

Sorting results

After running your search, you can sort your results by clicking on the Maker, Category or Date sort options in the Search Results box.

Individual object records

Clicking on an individual record summary in any set of results will take you to the full object record. If there are other images of this object they will be represented by thumbnail versions below the main image, click on these alternate views to see larger versions.