Plytube Stool (natural) (2013.7)

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Seongyong Lee


Plytube Stool (natural)




Three-legged stool made from natural colour Plytube.

Materials and techniques

The unique material Plytube is made by Lee by gluing steamed thin plywood sheets together and formed using a mandrel. Maple and birch veneer are the basic material for plytube where different species of veneer or colour are added on the final layer.

The light weight of this full-sized stool combined with a rigid structure demonstrates the potential of such a process which reduces overall volume of material whilst increasing efficiencies in packaging and transportation overheads.

With additional processes to harden the wood, the tube can be fabricated to a specified diameter, thickness, colour and type of wood. This material is very light, strong, long lasting and suitable for all kinds of tooling and wood finishing. It could serve as material for both architectural and day-to-day purposes.


width:  36cm
length:  36cm
height:  47cm

Object number



  • Plytube Stool (natural), Seongyong Lee, 2008, © Seongyong Lee, Crafts Council Collection: 2013.7. Photo: Nick Moss.

  • Plytube Stool (detail), Seongyong Lee, 2008, © Seongyong Lee, Crafts Council Collection: 2013.7. Photo: Nick Moss.

  • Plytube Tables and Stool, Seongyong Lee, 2010. Crafts Coouncil Collection: HC1050, 2013.9, 2013.7.

Maker's statement

This work/ project has helped me to have a proper understanding about new material development especially for mass-production as well as has given me many opportunity to participate in great exhibitions so far. I have been able to meet important people from industry, museums, shops, galleries include [sic] Crafts Council thanks to this project.

I paused attempting to set this project into manufacturing process in 2012 when I started working for design agency 'PearsonLloyd' where I have learn/worked on industrial furniture design, interior design, product design and aviation-related projects as a senior designer at the agency. Now, I am planning to restart this project

Plytube in early 2015 to realize in mass production by myself after leaving the current agency, and set-up my own studio.

This project started by studying design history for myself at MA course, to know how icon is being made in chair industry, and I realised that the key factor is a successfully industrialized material and right design making application for it. Then, I tried to find what materials are missing or what material is only hand making even though it could have more value if it is in mass-production. Hence, I found wooden tube should be filled into industry, and cardboard tubing is naturally the manufacturing method which most inspired/ hinted me to progress this project 'Plytube'.

Seongyong Lee, 16/12/2014