White Clock (2017.5)

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Gordon Burnett


White Clock

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Materials and techniques

The predetermined shape has been arrived at by making a full size cardboard models then:

Flat aluminium 2mm thick sheet is marked out and machined using a hand held router with a 3mm diameter cutter. The fold lines are then machined with a ā€™vā€™ shaped cutter to score the metal, which is then carefully folded into shape.

The finished piece is then spray painted with cellulose paint.

The visual language for the clock was part of a series to explore scoring and folding of metal. A three times longer version was a precursor to the above in three linked sections based on a square, circle and triangle, sprayed with red oxide paint.

The hands are made of aluminium and counter balanced, driven by a
German made high torque quartz movement design to move larger
clock hands.


height:  53.5cm
width:  60cm
depth:  18cm

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Bourne,C. (1991). Moving with the Times. Crafts, (133). pp. 30-31.
  • White Clock, Gordon Burnett, 1991, Crafts Council Collection: 2017.5. Photo: Stokes Photo Ltd.

Maker's statement

Mid career experimental piece, the technique subsequently inspired the use of CNC digital machining of similar scale clocks that were anodised in many colours.
Remember really enjoying making the piece at the time because the material, technique, colour and three-dimensional form seem to sit happily in the space offered for the commissioned clock.

Gordon Burnett, 16 June 2016