A Bright Future (2018.23)

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Nicky Dewar
Sophie Dewar


A Bright Future




Large pennant accompanied by two small pennants created for the Procession event in London organised by Artichoke to celebrate 100 years of votes for women. On the large pennant, the words 'A BRIGHT FUTURE' was appliqued on the white fabric base. It was also decorated sewed pre-cut fabrics in the shapes of the sun and landscape. Green, white and violet ribbons attached to it.

Each small pennant featured a historical figure, Rosa Parks and Emmeline Pankhurst. They were chosen as inspirational women by the maker, Sophie Dewar.

All pennants were edged with purple bias binding tape with long ends for tying onto a pole.

Apart from the two small pennants acquired by the Crafts Council, one more was created with the figure of Boadicea. This is retained by the makers.

Materials and techniques

Pre-cut fabrics appliqued to pennant bases.

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Maker's statement

I am not a professional maker but my career focuses on supporting those who are or want to be – I do love sewing and was excited by the opportunity to be part of such an important such as Processions with work colleagues and family. It was important to make something with my young daughter – I wanted her to understand more about the event and link it to the books and famous people she had been reading about. I also wanted to her to better understand my work and find more time for us to make something together.

‘A Bright Future’ suggest optimism for our next generation – I could talk with Sophie about what that may look like for her and others. By identifying some important historical figures we could think about how they had helped make the future brighter for others.

Nicky Dewar, 08/08/2018