The Pearl Seller (2020.10)

Catalogue Record



Matt Smith


The Pearl Seller

Made in





Found ceramic figure of a man in frock coat with geometric head, with freshwater pearls and slip cast black parian.

Materials and techniques

The found ceramics were originally factory produced, with freshwater pearls and slip cast black parian.


height:  29cm
width:  13cm
depth (base):  30cm

Object number




Brookfield Properties Crafts Council Collection Award winner, 2020. Purchased with support from Brookfield Properties

Related documents

Matt Smith:2020, winner of the 2020 Brookfield Properties Crafts Council Collection Award exhibition at 99 Bishopsgate. Film by Mandy Kaylin - One City/The City Centre/Digital Content Editor
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Maker's statement

(in reference to 2020.5 - 2020.11, parianware pieces and textiles, which all appeared in Matt Smith:2020 at Brookfields Properties)

The parian pieces reflect an ongoing Investigation Into portraiture and the memorialisation of selected people In history. This work links Intervenion projects In museums which explore queerness, colonisation and homophobia and how edited histories have erased certain ways of being from the record.

By combining high and low value objects, Industrial production with the handmade, hierarchies are questioned and binaries disrupted.

The textiles also play with this erasure. In additional to removing the central figures In the works, the pieces play with the movement from fine art to craft and back to fine art and the movement between genders.