Untitled 79 (2021.4)

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Simone Brewster


Untitled 79

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Hand painted image of female form in blue ink on paper.

Materials and techniques

Original hand painting in ink on colourplan 270gsm paper.Creating with inks and acrylic on paper, these expressly abstracted paintings conjure the complexity of the female form and psyche. Calligraphic curves are redolent of the structure of a back or the sweep of a breast; in other instances, the imagery illudes instantaneous recognition.


height:  71.1cm
width:  45.7cm

Object number



  • 'Untitled 79', Simone Brewster, 2020. Crafts Council Collection: 2021.4. Photo courtesy of Simone Brewster.

Maker's statement

The title of this body of work “Woman in Parts” captures some of the thinking behind the painting. I had been thinking about how society places a lot of pressure on the female body. When talking about a woman there is a tendency to compartmentalise her by body part. A woman remains the sum of her parts, or singled-out for the various roles that she plays — mother or wife for example — and never her whole. The painting became a continuation of the ideas about the female body I had previously looked at in 3D in the “Negress & Mammy” side table and chaise longue, which also incisively tackle the complicated history and legacy of colonialism, slavery, servitude, and race.
In this body of work, I wanted to capture the physical and emotional beauty and hardships of womanhood, and abstract them in such a way to open up conversation about these issues.

Painting has now become a constant feature of my practice.
I will continue painting and see where this creative path will take me and feedback into my existing body of work and creative outputs.