Texture and Shape Study (2023.19)

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Sophie Sellu


Texture and Shape Study

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Materials and techniques

Sycamore, storm fallen in Kent. Used varying techniques and chisels/ saws to study the marks left in production process.


height:  19cm
width:  14.5cm
depth:  5cm

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New Positions for the Crafts Council Collection

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Acquired with Art Fund support, donations by Preston Fitzgerald and Cedric Smith, and Nicholas and Judith Goodison’s Charitable Settlement
  • Texture and Shape Study, Cut out Brush, and Textured Brush, Sophie Sellu, 2021, © Sophie Sellu. Crafts Council Collection: 2023.17, 2023.18, 2023.19. Photo: Stokes Photo Ltd.

Maker's statement

Allowing my work to cross between useful and sculptural has been really beneficial to creating objects that are adored and used daily in my home. The brushes I have created are experimental and playful. They have been made to be used, but will happily sit on a shelf or wall. I have been experimenting with texture and shape and have begun to make small sculptural objects. These studies have allowed me to have a further understanding of the materials and to explore my creativity.