Fortress Displaced (2023.20)

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Shaheen Ahmed


Fortress Displaced

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Materials and techniques

Fabriano Paper, card, acrylic and Japanese Sumi Inks, wire, bookbinder's glue

Wooden frame

Large geometric structure created as a template which was cut out using a scalpel knife.


height:  96cm
width:  70cm
length:  11cm

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New Positions for the Crafts Council Collection

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  • Fortress Displaced, Shaheen Ahmed, 2021, © Shaheen Ahmed, Crafts Council Collection: 2023.20. Photo: Stokes Photo Ltd.

Maker's statement

Over the past two decades I've been acutely aware of the suffering and heartache of nations displaced, ravaged by war and horrific atrocities on men, women, children, animals and land.

There have been several stages to the making of this piece.
Initially I created the geometric structure at the top of this large page, my paper sculpture was going to be a fortress, metaphorically speaking. As I reflected on the suffering of others, I decided to work blindfolded, using a large brush, and ink. I moved the brush within a meditative state of reflective empathy, guiding it after pausing and contemplating the injustices in various nations. I was responding to the blank white space with a blindfold, visualising the darkness that some people are going through.

This large 3D structure is an abstract attempt at creating refuge for others. The refuge created is unstable, littered with danger. As a frustrated craftivist, whose artwork has been on the receiving end of not being relevant for more than a decade, I applaud Crafts Council for purchasing Fortress Displaced.

Shaheen Ahmed