Something Is Missing Again (G57)

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David Reekie


Something Is Missing Again

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Two lost cast and pate de verre figures in lead glass coloured by enamels in the firing. These are set into a single cast lead glass panel coloured by enamels. A lost wax cast vessel in a purple soda glass sits on top of the panel. The base is of painted wood.

Materials and techniques

This piece is made using the lost wax casting method of glass, where coloured enamels and fine powdered glass are introduced onto the surface of the mouls before being infilled with coarser clear and enamelled glass cullet. The piece is then fired to 800C in an electric kiln to allow the glass to fill the space originally occupied by the wax form. This piece is made of four separate cast pieces which are fixed with an epoxy resin glue and brass pegs. The base is in wood worked with various water based paints, and sealed with a varnish fixative. The glasses used are 33% leads glass and a barium based soda glass.


length:  41cm
width:  15cm
height:  45cm

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Maker's statement

Artist's statement 1991: Part of an ongoing series of "conversations" started in 1987. Each piece depicts a situation or relationship between a group of two or more figures. The undertones are humorous with a tinge of human and political despair.