White Pate de Verre Vessel (G64)

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White Pate de Verre Vessel

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White pate de verre vessel with incised geometric decoration.

Materials and techniques

White pate de verre crushed lead crystal with incised decoration.The original form was modelled in clay, the decoration was incised at this stage. The glass paste consisted of fine granules of 23% lead crystal mixed with gum arabic. Once dry the remaining space in the mould was filled up with refractory mould mixture as dry powder. The mould was fired in an electric top loader kiln to about 800 degrees. Once totally cooled the mould was carefully chipped, scraped and soaked away from the fragile eused glass form. There followed a succession of finishing, refilling and refiring. Finished by hand using diamond files, diamond drills and diapads which I use not only for abrasing the surface but also for polishing it.

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height:  13cm
width:  15cm
depth:  12.5cm

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Maker's statement

It belongs to a body of work dating from the late 80s to the early 90s concerned with growth and fertility. This piece uses a growth motif leaf/tree arranged around the form in a geometric growth configuration found throughout nature. The scale of the pattern enlarging as it grows up the piece. It was my intention that the piece should convey a sense of equilibrium and harmony. It also embodies a certain egg like quality from, in part the form and colour but more significantly from the surface quality of the glass paste which I polished and worked on to an eggshell smoothness.