Cup (G65)

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Beatriz Castro



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Materials and techniques

Full lead crystal pate de verre. Vessel made by compacting a paste of crushed glass into a mould to be reconstituted by heat. Castro has developed a system of mould making that enables her to work within the idea of the Roman diatreta.


height:  15cm
diameter:  18cm
width:  18cm

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Maker's statement

The influences in my work come from ì
different sources. I have drawn inspiration from the harmony
found in the patterns of natural forms and from water, where in
the mist? of flowing movement, forms arise through the interplay of currents and their forces. I am also greatly influenced by symbolism and ritual. The spiral comes into my work as one of the many potent symbols that have been the channel through which the creative force manifests itself. The technique of glass I employ has allowed me to work with the vessel as a container and contained. The outer form protects and conveys a sense of stillness to the inner cup. A form within a form, that can provoke a sense of wonder and the implication of a ritual space.