Nap (G99)

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Angela Jarman



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Solid black glasswork cast in opaque lead crystal, with a removable aluminium insert.

Materials and techniques

Lost wax cast from an original mould which Jarman created from a model. The surface texture is derived from a multiple repeat of the cala lily stigma. Cast in black opaque lead crystal and aluminium. The base has been ground and the surface has been worked on with an egraving tool and diamond pads to remove any irregularities. The highlights have been polished on both the glass and aluminium.


height:  46cm
width:  19cm
weight:  14kg
Packed Length:  50cm
Packed Width:  38cm
Packed Height:  88cm

Object number



  • Nap, Angela Jarman, 2007, Crafts Council Collection: G99. Photo: John Hammond

Maker's statement

Nap is the third upright black piece that I have made; all have a cast metal insert, (in this case aluminium) but all have different surface textures - I make one every time I find a favourite repeatable shape. My intention is that the focus will be on the form itself - its structure and texture, rather than on any particularly glassy ness. I use black glass because I like the way it seems to suck in the light, to appear so dense and to have such a barren and sinister quality. The metal insert services to create a point of focus, and provide a contrast of colour.

The ideas for my work as a whole stem from a long interest I have in biology and the natural world. I look to many sources for inspiration - animal, vegetable or mineral, but particularly aspects of growth, reproduction and multiplication - all the while trying to retain a sense of ambiguity. I want my work to refere to nature, but to appear 'unnatural'. By repeating and duplicating a specific pattern of a fruit or flower I am able to build a model or surface texture that is far removed from the original source.
The surface texture of Nap has been created from hundred of wax editions of the stigma part of a cala lily, laid alongside each other to appear like tentacles, fur, or the pile of a carpet - hence the title.