Life Cyles (HC318)

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Elizabeth Swinburne


Life Cyles

Materials and techniques

When the molten glass has cooled it is carefully dug out of the sand from the mould. The glass is then put into an annealing oven called a lehr. Annealing is the process of cooling glass in a slow and controlled manner.


length:  34.5cm
width:  24.4cm
depth:  5.4cm

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Maker's statement

With my work I hope to provoke suggestions of the moment of touch. At the simplest level merely the fact of soft distortion and deformation - what happens when a form is pushed. But then beyond this I hope that there is the hint of bodies - the curves of flesh, the translucency of skin, a sensuality and voluptousness created in glass to heighten the awareness of fragility of both the physical and metaphoric moment when we meet and touch.