Fruit tray (HC352)

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Jhan Stanley


Fruit tray

Materials and techniques



length:  40.5cm
width:  32.2cm
depth:  9.2cm

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Maker's statement

This piece was inspired by the ergonomic qualities found in packaging. Firstly I considered producing this item in ceramic however because of the design I found it more suitable to work in glass. Firstly I produced a cement mould which the glass would be fired (slumped) onto. The piece is produced from one piece of window glass or Float Glass. The glass is placed on top of the mould and then the piece is slumped over the mould and fired to a temperature of 750-760 degrees celsius. The piece is annealed (cooled slowly between the temperatures of 400-320 celsius) to ensure that the glass is stable and will not crack at a later date.

Jhan Stanley, 2012