Patchwork study (HC534)

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Siripan Kidd


Patchwork study



Materials and techniques

Thai silk


length:  31.8cm
width:  30.8cm
depth:  0.1

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Maker's statement

When I have a rough idea of what theme or design I want to create. I go straight to my silk rolls and pull out the colours I have in mind. My silk comes in long strips, on average about 5" wide. I add and take away the coloured silk until I am happy with the range of colours before I start sketching. Because I work with fabric, everything has to be worked out carefully and precisely.

Silk has a sheen, and some silk is woven from warp and weft of different colours. When the silk is pieced together, in order to achieve the same tone, the grain has to go in the same direction. On the other hand, I can achieve a different sheen and toneby placing the pieces of silk at right-angles to each other, which creates an interesting and appealing effect. It is very important to work out the grain, and mark the grain by drawing straight lines on the back of the template. The templates are the pieces around which I trace, and the traced lines then become the sewing lines. Once the whole piece is completely pieced, it is ready to be quilted.