5 Bags of Material Samples (HC627)

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Avril Wilson


5 Bags of Material Samples




length:  17cm
width:  10cm
depth:  4cm

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Maker's statement

Bag of coal
Consumable - The coal used to burn on the forge is called 'Sunbrite Singles'. This is it in its 'green' form (ie unburnt)

Bag of slag
Waste product - After the coal has been burnt this slag is left as a waste product.

Bag of oxide flakes
Waste product - When the steel is hammered when red hot these flakes of oxides are produced and gather around the floor of the anvil and powerhammer.

Bag of drops of molten metal
Waste product - When I am cutting through steel using the oxygen and acetylene cutting torch - drops of molten metal fall to the floor. When they have cooled - this is what they look like.

Burnt steel sample
Waste product - If I leave the steel in forge too long it will burn. This is what happens to the surface of the metal. Burning will also cause cracks which will considerably weaken a length of bar.