Candle Holder (HC628)

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Avril Wilson


Candle Holder




height:  33.3cm
width:  9.5cm

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Maker's statement

Candle-holder: A sample of a batch produced candle-holder made in forged mild steel. The copper pod hangs from the hook. I start off with a 76cm length of round mild steel bar. It is tapered to a point at both ends and the rest of the length textured using the powerhammer. I can do approximately 10 of these lengths in 1 hour. Then it is clamped in a vice and the base spiralled using an oxy-acetylene torch. The top hook is also bent into shape. The steel is then burnished and waxed which helps to emphasise the texture. The wax also protects the steel from rusting [I have burnished and waxed 1/2 of the base]

Copper pod: A finished green patinated cone to hold a 'night light' candle. The patina is protected with a layer of sprayed lacquer.