Hard Look II' (part 1: 'mortar') (HC749.1)

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Helene Uffren


Hard Look II' (part 1: 'mortar')



Materials and techniques

A bubble is blown into a hot gather of glass. The bottom of the bubble is flattened. A punty is fixed to the base with a little glass. The bubble is cracked off the blowing iron. As the punty is turned, jacks are put inside the bubble to shape the rim. The mortar is cracked off the punty and put in a hot kiln to cool off slowly.


width:  13.2cm
depth:  12.4cm
height:  7.8cm

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Maker's statement

"Hard Look II" is an improved version of the original "Hard Look" which had no wooden handle and mirro at the base. These new features add an extra sensory experience in texture and a greater connection between the mortar and pestle. The idea of a mortar and pestle with an eye was inspired by our society obsessed by visual stimulation and the permanent aggression of t he naked eye.