Coloured Laminate Brooch (J209)

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Louise Slater


Coloured Laminate Brooch

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Rectangular brooch with black base and a turquoise and blue top, with a metal clasp.

Materials and techniques

The laminate shapes are cut using patterns from thin sheets of coloured high pressure laminates either by hand or occasionally by laser.

The main part of the brooch to which the pin is fixed is a sandwich of three laminates. The back piece is drilled first and the pin and catch are attached to is with brass screws. The middle piece is a thicker laminate. It is drilled with larger hole to fit over the screws. The three pieces are then laminated together using an acrylic adhesive. The other parts of the brooch are laminated together and all parts are machine and the edges are polished. After cleaning the sections are drilled using the original patterns to locate the holes and the brooch is assembled with black, twisted nylon. The ends of the nylon are melted on the reverse to hold everything in place.


length:  7.5cm
width:  3cm

Object number



  • Coloured Laminate Brooch, Louise Slater, 1992, Crafts Council Collection: J209. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

I collect the pebbles from beaches in Devon or Cornwall and arrange them on boards in the workshop.