Brooch (J248)

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Daphne Krinos



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Narrow, rectangular silver and 18ct yellow gold brooch with a small round tourmaline cabochon and a hexagonal bead of aquamarine held in place with a silver bar.

Materials and techniques

The base was made by forging 2mm silver sheet into a long rectangular shape. The cage was made by using two hexagonal flat shapes with holes drilled near every point and strands of 18 ct wire hammered and soldered in to the holes.

The 'bead' was made of 18ct yellow gold sheet, scored and bent into shape, then soldered at both ends onto silver.

The 'cage' and gold 'bead' were soldered in place onto the rectangular 'bar', together with three 'vertical' pieces of hammered sheet (one in 18ct gold and two in silver), allowing just enough room for the aquamarine bead to fit into the space. All holes were carefully lined up so that long bar fitted through the entire length.

The bar was soldered on one end with silver tubing containing a top layer of 18 carat gold which forms setting for cabochon tourmaline. It was passed through all holes and flattened on one end so it cannot fall out.

I used a planishing hammer for the hammering and some steel blocks. No sophisticated tols or equipment were used.

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Maker's statement

The brooch was a one off piece made as part of a whole new group of work. I designed this work around the semi precious stones I bought and saw those as a challenge. I tried to find a different way of holding them and was drawn by their imperfection in cut and inclusions. I tried to make the work by emphasising and reflecting what the stones were about. For the first time in many years I was able to distance myself from my 'normal production work' and gave myself the time to draw and spend time in visual research. Therefore it is a special piece for me and I see it as an important piece of my work. It will lead to more interesting pieces and I have also learned a great deal from it.