bit of fluff (J264)

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Susan Downing


bit of fluff
Duo Flat-Pack Rubber Ring

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Ring comprised of two flat rubber discs joined by a strip of industrial tape. The discs have a pink back and blue front with lettering 'bit of fluff' in pink letters. The ring comes packed flat in a plastic bag with an image of how to wear the ring. It is accompanied by a black-and-white photograph of a woman lying on the ground wearing the ring.

Materials and techniques

Punched out components of rubber floor tiles, bonded with industrial tape, industrially engraved and filled with acrylic.


length:  8cm
width:  4cm

Object number



  • bit of fluff, Susan Downing, 1999, Crafts Council Collection: J264. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

The flat pack duo rubber rings have evolved from an interest in clear-cut consumer labelling, product branding and identity, coupled with nineties sterility and clean graphic styling. The slogans are sourced from lifestyle magazines. They also reflect my interest in the idea of jewellery as a product and mass production. I am currently involved in trials with an elastomer engineering company to produce large volumes of flat pack rings at an affordable price.