Group of Objects (J276)

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Elizabeth Callinicos


Group of Objects

Made in

United Kingdom




A group 25 parts of handmade and found objects in various media including: a coil of latex tubing, a cast iron object, 'funnel' - button hole piece, a lead pipe, 12 soda glass tubes, 'timer' - button hole piece, 'paint tube' neckpiece, 3 porcelain laboratory crucibles, a pile of nail earings, a glass bell jar and nylon thread, 'mirror, mirror.....' neckpiece or button piece, a steel blue key ring, a rock crystal wedding band, a graphite stick, a small brush, a piece of seamstress chalk, 'half lens 1 of 2', neckpiece, a small lead bowl, a fish-shaped soy sauce container, 2 egg poachers, a cotton pin clip, a glass flask filled with lead shot, a blade, and a plastic bag of aluminum fragments.

Materials and techniques

Handmade and found objects in various media.

Object number



  • Group of Objects, Eliabeth Callinicos, c.2000, Crafts Council Collection: J276. Photo: Nick Turner.