Crossover (J282)

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Susan Cross



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Silver neckpiece comprising strings of oxidised silver with two rings on either side and tied together at top and bottom.

Materials and techniques

Oxidised silver wire. Multi-stranded 0.2mm wire twisted together by hand then doubled in half and roped together. Wires were then unravelled to produce a crinckled effect. Neckpiece then constructed onto two round wire hoops. The two sections were then tied and bound together.


length:  34cm
width:  22cm

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Dorothy Hogg - Goldsmiths Review, Worship Company of Goldsmiths (Jul-08)
  • Crossover, Susan Cross, 2001, Crafts Council Collecton: J282. Photo: Heini Schneebeli.

Maker's statement

This piece was made as part of a new collection of work for my fourth solo exhibition at the Scottish gallery, Edinburgh in 2001. Alongside a series of pendant neckpieces that explored a wide variety of constructing with oxidised silver and gold wire. I made Crossover in contrast to the main focus of my work at this time, this piece explored de-construction. Subsequent works exploring this looser way of handling precious metal have since followed. Inspiration/reference for this piece are taken from the material itself and the techniques of twisting, roping and crinkling the wire. Ongoing interest such as bunches of hair, tied bundles of brush like materials and multiple strands of a material (linear) are constantly inspiring.This piece evolved in a very spontaneous way out of making lots of crinkled wire and enjoying its tactile qualities when bunched together.