Bubble Bath (J283)

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Nora Fok


Bubble Bath

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Materials and techniques

Knitted clear nylon.


height:  7.5cm
diameter:  55cm
diameter:  20cm

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Grant, Catherine (ed.) Black, Sandy - New Directions in Jewellery Knitwear in Fashion (2005 2002)
Crafts Council Objects of Desire: Bubble Bath by Nora Fok
  • Bubble Bath, Nora Fok, 2001, Crafts Council Collection: J283. Photo: Heini Schneebeli

Maker's statement

Orgininally Bubble Bath was created as a fun piece for children for The Thirteen Hands Touring Exhibition. I watched my own children blowing bubbles in the garden, this reminded me of myself as a child and the enjoyment we had. The neck piece was the first made and the response when it was shown was very positive and encouraged me to develop it into a series of variations. The bubbles were fun to wear and put a smile on people's faces whenever it was worn. I made the Bubble Bath by knitting each bubble and took over three months to construct, at last count over 1003 bubbles, each bubble tied randomly to create a circular form. The success of Bubble Bath as a major piece gave me confidence to develop further challenging work, and therefore an important milestone in my career. The Bubble Bath series were the climax of my knitted forms in 2001, which has followed by experiments in weaving for the Weaving Stories Project and beyond. In work since the Weaving Stories I have combined weaving and knitting and my work is enriched and extended in techniques as well as the range of ideas I have been able to interpret.