Wrapped (J284)

Catalogue Record



Yoko Izawa






Eleven individual brooches, ten made of pieces of scrunched white paper, one piece of red scrunched paper, covered in black nylon. Accompanied by a gold pin.

Materials and techniques

lycra, nylon, paper

Object number



Maker's statement

In Japanese culture, people have a fundamental inclination not to explain themselves. This does not mean they have nothing to say, but that it is not a priority to use language for personal feelings. These non-verbalised thoughts and feelings forward a sense of simplicity and ambiguity in Japanese culture. In fact this is an aesthetic.

Veiled jewellery expresses my interpretation of Japanese cultural values and religious spirituality. Although certainty is often required in modern society, I am interested in exploring the concepts of ambiguous expression by containing, veiling or wrapping elements. Elements bound by fine elastic knitting mediate the harmonious relationship between inside and outside materials. This relationship between tension and form, inside and outside, proposes both a new flowing harmonious object and at the same time obscures our original perception of the individual elements, requiring the viewe to further explore and question the entire piece.