Large Silhouette (J290)

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Lina Peterson


Large Silhouette

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Orange-coloured abstract shape with swarovski crystals covered in dipped plastic.

Materials and techniques

A 0.8mm copper sheet, in 'Dana' and 'Large Silhouette' also combined with copper wire and Swarovski crystals, is heated using an enamel kiln and while hot dusted with different coloured dip-coated plastic powers that melts on to the hot metal. Silver wire and tubing is soldered on to the copper sheet before the dip-coating process begins as when you coat the metal you need a 'handle' and the silver wire services this function before being cut short to become part of the fastening. The silver wire and the steel wire used for the brooch pin are cleaned of excess plastic and the wires are formed for the fastening mechanism


length:  12cm
width:  10cm
depth:  2cm

Object number



  • Large Silhouette, Lina Peterson, 2008-09, Crafts Council Collection: J290. Photo: John Hammond

  • Dana, Lesley, Large Silhouette, Lina Peterson, 2008-09, Crafts Council Collection: J288, J289, J290. Photo: John Hammond

Maker's statement

Dip-coating was something that I had played with already during my BA, but never found a real reason to use. During my time at the Royal College of Art I began to create large scale mixed media brooches and I needed to create a structure for the different, mostly textile, components to attach to. The structures drew the brooches together and I decided to create these pieces from plastic dip-coated metal. By using the dip-coating I had a versatile material that worked with a range of different brooches and it also gave me good scope for using colour. As I began to make the structures for the brooches I became surprised by how well they worked as pieces of jewellery in their own right and decided, for my MA exhibition, to exhibit some of the brooches that had textile and dip-coated elements together with the 'naked' versions, as pairs. The 'Dipped' pieces got attention from galleries and they took on a life of their own. Lesley Craze Gallery wanted me to exhibit purely 'Dipped' work for an exhibition at the gallery of six of the graduates from my year. For this exhibition, and subsequent inclusion at collect 2007, I created 'Lesley'. 'Dana' came about from a commission placed by a British Council curator, involved with the touring exhibition Alchemy - Contemporary Jewellery from Britain, where a selection of my work from graduation was included. The title of the final piece purchase by the Crafts Council 'Large Silhouette' hints at the visual language behind all the three pieces purchased. The outlines of the brooches comes from drawing the silhouettes of overlapping images of jewellery, the rounded shapes of beads, cameos and pins. These silhouettes combined with the original 'essential' forms to fit the different components together create the visual impact of these pieces.