Pattern4 Concave Brooch (J302)

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Pattern4 Concave Brooch

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Circular brooch built up of numerous individual blocks of aluminium at different heights.

Materials and techniques

I design all my jewellery in a 3D modelling computer program. My models are then printed by a rapid prototyping machine in 3 dimensions in wax. The wax model is then sacrificially cast through lost wax casting. I refine and finish the piece by hand in my studio.

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height:  6cm
width:  6cm
depth:  1.1cm

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On view

  • Pattern4 Concave Brooch, Jo Hayes Ward, 2011, Crafts Council Collection: J302. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

An important aspect of my designs and research if to harness machine marks and exploit them as an aesthetic. The 60mm P4 Brooch really explores this. It is constructed of cubes with various angled tops and bottoms (so actually they are Parallelepiped). The angled surfaces have different line textures on them, which is a result of the 3D printing process - the machine marks. The units are arranged to form a pattern (hence the name P4 - pattern 4) and their textured surfaces reflect light in different tones of grey.