Necklace (J59)

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Wendy Ramshaw



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Necklace made of silver and multi-coloured enamel beads with 18ct yellow gold, threaded on a 9ct gold chain.

Materials and techniques

Turned beads inlaid with multi-coloured vitrious enamels - champ levee technique. The sequence of stringing the beads is the most essential part of the making as it is this sequence which denotes the flavour and interest of the total piece. In the making 10% of the beads have found to be defective and in the stringing approximately a further 10% are rejected as they do not find a place on the colour sequence.

Beads turned and inlaid with vitreous enamels. Some beads are fired a minimum of twice, maximum of six times in an electric kiln.


length:  33.5cm

Object number



  • Necklace, Wendy Ramshaw, 1977, Crafts Council Collection: J59. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

First necklace of this type was made in 1972 - black enmels, silver, 9 ct gold. Moving from all white enamelled necklace to necklaces in many shades of colour range, often with many shades apparing on on ebead. These necklaces which lend themselves to endless variations ae a continuing part of my work - always changing in rhythm and colour content. Not more than 2 or 3 are made per year as they are excessively labour intensive.