Dish Of Eels (M41)

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Michael Lloyd


Dish Of Eels

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Copper dish with a raised and chased relief of several coiled eels, with inlaid gold eyes.

Materials and techniques

Copper and fine gold (24c). The dish has been hand raised with the feet sunk in a pitch block. The relief has been chased. I have been very interested in the surface texture retaining the course texture of the raising hammer in the body of the eels and the textures obtained from the plainishing chasing tool to emphasise the movement of the eels.The centre of the dish has been textured with a punch and the eyes of the eels have been inlayed with gold. The dish has been oxidised by heat treatment and then waxed.


height:  7.5cm
diameter:  38.5cm

Object number



  • Dish of Eels, Michael Lloyd, 1989, Crafts Council Collection: M41.

Maker's statement

Since 1987 I have been working on a group of large copper vessels, exploring form and trying to introduce more spontaneity to the work - I feel a sympathy with the material, a rawness which lends itself to working from drawings from nature. My objective is to express the spiritual satisfaction I get from my surroundings, I hope for some people it works.