Two Fish in a Boat (M43)

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Avril Wilson


Two Fish in a Boat

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Long steel rod culminating in an engraved sculpture of two crossed fish breathing fire in a boat.

Materials and techniques

Forged and welded mild steel. The stock is forged bar. The boat is cut from plate using an oxy-acetylene torch. The fish are cut from thin sheet steel which is then chased on a wooden block. Inside the fish is an internal steel structure which comes from the stock through the fish and forms the starting point for the mig welded flames coming from the fishes mouths.


length:  81cm
width:  15.5cm

Object number



  • Two Fish in a Boat, Avril Wilson, 1989, Crafts Council Collection: M43.

Maker's statement

This is a new technique I developed at the time and involves drawing with the mig welding torch to build up shapes. This is done on a thick cast metal block which does not join to the drawn welded section. Both 'Tree Boat' and 'Two Fish in a Boat' are part of an ongoing body of work of tree sculptures and candelabras in which I am attempting to make poetically patent images which have universal resonances.