The Eighth Loop (M48)

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Robert Marsden


The Eighth Loop

Made in

London Borough of Hackney




Oval-shaped abstract form, sheets of brass in four sections bolted and patinated.

Materials and techniques

Constructed from sheet brass in four sections and subsequently bolted together and patinated.

Each section is made from three flat 'banks' sawn out of sheet brass. The edges of each blank are then bevelled with files before bending and shaping into the required form, the three banks becoming the three sides of each section. These sides are silver soldered together into curved lengths of equilateral triangular 'tube'. The four sections are then filed to the precise required length needed to enable them to be bolted together in a 'loop'. The sections are drilled and bolted together using internal flashplates with threaded holes, and brass bolts. The surface of the entire object is then filed clean before burying in a compound containing various corrosive chemicals to achieve the required texture and colour.

Information taken from the Purchase Information Sheet.

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Robert Marsden - Metalwork' from Scottish Gallery Catalogue (1992)
  • The Eighth Loop, Robert Marsden, 1990, Crafts Council Collection: M48. Photo: Ian Dobbie.

Maker's statement

This is literally the 8th in a series of loops and to my mind the best or most successful example.