Single Wave (M49)

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Alex Brogden


Single Wave

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Double-skinned copper bowl, fluted with wavy lines. Alex Brogden, 1992.

Materials and techniques

The top skin is made by first carving the fluted form from a large lump of wax. The geometry of this carving is made possible by using a combination of using wavy brass templates and pivoting cutting arms to guide the hand controlled cutting of the wax. A thick copper electroform is deposited onto the finished wax. The wax is then melted away and the surface of the copper filed, chased and polished. Patinated with brown bronze powder and then waxed with hard car wax.


height:  7.5cm
diameter:  42.7cm

Object number



  • Single Wave, Alex Brogden, 1992, Crafts Council Collection: M49. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

This bowl is one of a series of designs which try to use fluting in a new and expressive way. I use a combination of techniques and materials to allow the making of original forms in metal. I am interested in forms generated by the patterns of natural growth and movement and these things recur in both my commissioned silver work and the more sculptural copper pieces.