Pair Of Cups On Base (M54)

Catalogue Record



Robert Marsden


Pair Of Cups On Base

Made in

London Borough of Hackney



Materials and techniques

An non-identical pair of sterling silver cups forming a composition upon a patinated copper base. The bowls of the cups are hand raised. Other parts of the cups employ a large variety of techniques including hammering, sinking, blocking and planishing. Scoring, folding, soldering. The copper base is patinated and waxed. Consists of five parts - two cups; two shapes; one base.

Object number



  • Pair of Cups on Base, Robert Marsden, 1993, Crafts Council Collection: M54. Photo: Ian Dobbie.

Maker's statement

Unidentical paires of cups have been a recurrent theme in my work since 1970. This particular pair is the 3rd version made during 1993 that forms a composition upon a patinated copper base, though it is unique in that the additional parts of the composition that are separate from the cups are also made of silver.

The first version was commissioned by Garrards for their 150th anniversary exhibition. The second version was exhibited in 'een schitterend feest' as part of 'antwerpen '93'.