Blackthorn And Sloe Vase: 'Pleaching The Stakes With Ethers' (M60)

Catalogue Record



Rod Kelly


Blackthorn And Sloe Vase: 'Pleaching The Stakes With Ethers'

Made in

East Harling




Silver vase with relief decoration of branches, leaves, flowers and fruit, with details picked out in gold, and gilt inside.

Materials and techniques

Silver, chased in low relief with inlaid fine gold details, gilt interior.


height:  22.5cm
length:  15.5cm
width:  15.5cm

Object number




  • Blackthorn And Sloe Vase: 'Pleaching The Stakes With Ethers', Rod Kelly, 1995, Crafts Council Collection: M60. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

All of the pieces are made with traditional techniques and are designed and made by myself. The designs are in genaral hand raised from flat circles of silver and then chased by hand.

Chasing is a technique in which I specialise, and is the embossing of the surface of the metal which is supported with pitch using a variety of steel punches and a special chasing hammer to produce a low relief image.

The silver is often inlaid with fine gold to produce rich details and usually the graphic details will be based on an agreed list of images that relate to the project and are brought together to produce either a decorative piece of silver or possibly a functiional item.