Negotiation II (P396)

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Negotiation II

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Spherical abstract sculpture, cut and twisted, with a predominant blue/purple colour.

Materials and techniques

'The piece was started by the making of coiled vessel. I use a clay which is similar to the 'T' material. This bowl was subdivided by the addition of interior and exterior walls. When a sense of balance was achieved, the whole form was cut into two twisted round on itself and re-assembled. Further cuts and additions were made to create a new or negotiated balance in the relationship of the different parts. Most additions are coiled but the more textured parts are built by pressing together small torn pieces of clay. These areas are then smoothed slightly with a metal kidney. The whole piece was painted with casting slip to create additional texture and fired to 1160C.

Slips, oxides and underglaze colours (in combination) were sprayed and hand-painted onto the sculpture. They were fixed by two subsequent firings to 1040C. The surface was lightly sanded to enhance the textures and emphasise the lines of the forms.'


height:  41cm
width:  56cm
length:  59cm
Packed Height:  65cm
Packed Width:  75cm

Object number




Marina Vaizey - Exhibition catalogue (Jan-91)
  • Negotiation II, Steve Buck, 1990, Crafts Council Collection: P396. Photo: Ian Dobbie.

Maker's statement

The ideas and working method are very linked in this piece - the actions involved creating a metaphor for the ideas. It was the second of three sculptures to follow the cut and re-assemble approach to create a situation where I was obliged to respond intuitively to a new form which was paradoxically of my own creation and re-create a sense of balance. This was undoubtedly the most successful of the three.