Giant Pumpkin Jug (P401)

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Giant Pumpkin Jug

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Earthenware, pumpkin shape, with green, yellow and orange glazes.

Materials and techniques

T-material clay. Glaze with tin, crystals and vanadium and cobalt. Coiled body, press moulded handle. Biscuit fired to 1180 deg. C; multiple glaze fired to earthenware temps. (between 1000-1080 deg. C)


height:  36cm
length:  57cm
width:  46cm
Packed Length:  68cm
Packed Width:  65cm
Packed Height:  66cm

Object number



  • Giant Pumpkin Jug, Kate Malone, 1990-91, Crafts Council Collection: P401. Photo: Ian Dobbie.

Maker's statement

For 5 years my Ceramics have been based on the many varied aspects of the sea: shells, corals, fish, waves, colours. This year my interests seem to be leaving the water and looking towards the land forms and surfaces of fruits, vegetables, seeds and flowers. The piece for this collection marks a time when my mind is with bith areas of sea and land. I am intrigued with developing forming and glazing baility in Ceramics. This piece, formed by coiling and hand modelling, has been multiple glaze fired in and out of the kiln six times. When the pot reaches top temperature, I hold that heat and the glazes melt and move over the form - hopefully breathing life into itself ....