Greek (P429)

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Robert Cooper



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Black abstract form attached to a narrow black stick.

Materials and techniques

Handbuilt form, St Thomas stoneware with blue and ochre slip decoration.

Cooper, 1994: Slabs of clay manipulated by force of impact or angle of throwing. When one of several pieces are made the simpler of the two main face pieces was dropped on to a collection of objects to undulate the surface. This was then reversed - patterned surface downwards on sponge paper - was screwed into balls and a mass was achieved. The other face side was dropped onto a new arrangement of objects, then placed onto the paper core. Edges are joined where touching, the form is manupulated to touch other edges. Other pieces of slabs are joined to fill out where appropriate and a base is attatched. After the piece is dried it is stood up onto its proper position. I applied very strong blue and ochre slips. Fired at 1060C. Porcelain slip wash. Refired at 1160C. Second porcelain slip. White eugobe 'slip with fluxing agent' and earthenware glaze. Refired at 1060C. Porcelain nad blue slip with eugobe, refired.


height:  83cm
width:  34cm
depth:  22cm

Object number



  • Greek, Robert Cooper, 1994, Crafts Council Collection: P429.

Maker's statement

This piece came with a strong visual image of Greek sculpture damaged, colour faded, missing yet still alluding to life, movement. Greek statues were garishly painted strong too. We see them now quite changed. This piece is from an incrementally developing series. It is pivotal in that it is sobered coloured a stripped down effect. I am trying to let the form do the work. The colours will give clues to the areas of musing I am with at the moment; the past mediteranean light; time wearing away the surface of things.