Bulbous-handled/sausage-handled earthenware mug (P446)

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Bulbous-handled/sausage-handled earthenware mug




Earthenware mug with a bulbous handle and a white lead glaze, with enamel transfer patterns of blue bird patterns among others.

Materials and techniques

Made like industrial earthenware. i.e slipcast in plastic moulds in a white earthenware body, glazed with a clear lead glaze and later fired a third time to fix the enamel transfers. See form for additional info.


height:  11cm
width:  12cm

Object number



  • Bulbous-handled/sausage-handled earthenware mug, Colin Saunders, 1996, Crafts Council Collection: P445 & P446.

Maker's statement

This mug shape was designed in the late 1970's as a slip cast development of some heavy thrown and turned terracotta mugs I had made. None of the pieces were really considered functional. Both shape and decoration I believe must must be influenced by my interest in baroque art; in the massing of forms, both 2 and 3 dimensional. These two mugs were taken from a group of four which I'd kept in my own collection until the CAA show because I had a special regard for them.