I Will Be Happy When The Member Is Engaged (P448)

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I Will Be Happy When The Member Is Engaged

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Abstract animal form composed of various ceramic components, assembled using glaze or resin, predominantly coloured white, yellow, orange, green and blue.

Materials and techniques

'My current methods of making explore a variety of ceramic process. Objects gradually evolve from a collection of thrown, slipcast and hand-built components which are previously fired and assembled later using glaze or epoxy resin. This technique of 'collage' enables a wide range of making and surface qualities to be used alongside each other. It also keeps the final identity of the object uncertain and open to change. Sometimes found objects and other materials such as wood and metal are incorporated into the framework of the sculptures.

Coloured lead glaze, smoke fired terra sigilatta, underglaze cobalt transfers and coloured slips are some of the earthenware surfaces which are employed in the objects. I also use lots of different clays from red earthenware, craft crank to porcelain, which are usually bisque fired to 1140C.'

Taken from Purchase Information Sheet.


height:  38cm
length:  23cm
width:  15.5cm

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  • I Will Be Happy When The Member Is Engaged, Neil Brownsword, 1997, Crafts Council Collection: P448.

Maker's statement

The piece was inspired by memories of adolescence - that longing to satisfy one's sexual curiosity - unfortunately I always ended up with those girls who wanted to wait until they were married. See P447 for further info.