1 Bowl, 2 Jugs (P454b)

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Gwyn Hanssen Pigott


1 Bowl, 2 Jugs

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Porcelain jug with a pouring lip and a light blue outer glaze.

Materials and techniques

This work was thrown from a Limoges porcelain body, imported from France. The pieces were turned inside and outside. After turning they were softened again by spraying with water and, in the case of the bowl, made slightly oval. In the case of the jugs, the clay was stretched into a pouring lip. Glazing was done by pouring one glaze inside. When dry the interior was completely protected by hot wax (wax/paraffin 50/50). The pots were then dipped in a different glaze, for the outside. The glazes vary from piece to piece. The pieces were then fired in a strongly reducing atmosphere to 1300C, in a gas kiln.


height:  10cm
diameter:  8.5cm
diameter:  9.5cm

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Variations on a blank

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  • Jug & Jug & Bowl, Gwyn Hanssen-Pigott, 1998, Crafts Council Collection: P454c, P454b & P454a.

Maker's statement

My present work is about relationships within groups of simple domestic forms. Complexities, harmonies and contradictions of line, colour and edge hopefully slow the eye. What happens then is, at least for me, a pleasurable mystery.