Bud (P480)

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Felicity Aylieff



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Roundish cream-coloured ball shape with buds protruding from various locations.

Materials and techniques

Full size model of form carved in Styrofoam using surfoam blades and finished with sandpapers. The model was sealed with water based paint. Multi piece plaster mould (50% Superfine and 50% Dental) constructed around model, with Skrim used to strengthen the mould sections. 'Bud' press moulded as hollow form using very soft plastic clay, Dutch Vingling K130 + grogs. Nipple protrustions hand modelled. Work dried over period of four weeks. Fired in an electric kiln to 1040C - firing schedule over 50 hour period. Surfaced refined and polished using an electric grinding tool (Flex machine) using diamond pads. Silicone sealant applied to protect surface.


height:  56cm
width:  56cm
depth:  56cm
Packed Length:  75cm
Packed Width:  89cm

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-Helen Bevis + Emma Maiden. -Liz Mitchell. -David Whiting. -Ian Wilson. - Sense and Perception, Felicity Aylieff' Catalogue, Manchester City Galleries. -'Significant Space' in Ceramic Review no. 197. -'Felicicity Aylieff: Sense and Perception' in Crafts Magazine no.180. -'Felicity Aylieff: Sense and Perception' in Artists magazine. (-2002 -2002 -2003 -?)

On view

99 Bishopsgate 5&20 Exhibition
  • Bud, Felicity Aylieff, 2001, Crafts Council Collection: P480.

Maker's statement

One of a series of works (first one of 2 similar pieces) that explore softness. Internal space - rythmns and swellings. See: 'Felicity Aylieff' by Emma Maiden in 'Sense and Perception' catalogue. Surface sealed to enrich body colour and texture and prevent staining and marking through handling. Further info see Ceramic review no. 165.