Social piece of furniture #6 (P492)

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Social piece of furniture #6

Made in

Boulder, Colorado



Materials and techniques

Coiled and glazed earthenware. The Earthenware is the receipt of Betty Woodman. Glazed in lead based earthenware glaze sprayed on. Fired in an electric kiln to 1060 deg.C. The wood leg is a stock bit from the American home improvement store Home Depot - it has been primed and sprayed with a satin black rustolium paint.


height:  122cm
width:  59cm
diameter:  23cm

Object number




Jonathan Goodman; Shales, Ezra; Adamson, Glenn, Mazanti, Louise and Shales, Ezra - Anders Ruhwald, Sculpture Magazine; We float in space and cannot perceive the new order ; You in Between (3/2008; undated; 2008)
  • Social Piece of Furniture #6, Anders Ruhwald, 2008, Crafts Council Collection: P492. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

This body of work was done during a semester's teaching at University of Colorado, Boulder. The piece itself was a way of approaching a functional form without making it explicitly useful. In this case, I was working from the form of a table and wanted to make a play on the formal layout of this form-typology. The references are stock home improvement articles and late 1960's furniture