Asentamiento Dress (T169)

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Julie Cook


Asentamiento Dress
Duende A Time for Healing

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Dress in white duvet, cotton and duck down feathers, with a solar plex stitch in the front, and ties around the neck and around the waist. Current marks are integral to the piece; neck rim has yellow soiling/discolouring. There are marks insdie the back, a small dark mark on the left sleeve, and small blob on the front right of the piece, and a small red scratch mark on the front right.

Materials and techniques

Cotton/polyester, duck down feathers and base of dress weighted with 6 lead weights. The base of the dress is weighted with feathers and six hand stitched lead wieghts. The base seam is hand stitched. The solar plexus is indicated externally by a hand stitched circle with loose threads. The silk poultice is located inside the dress and secured by hand knotted tapes. The secret hand positions are located inside the dress, at arms length by two hand stitched tapes (tied) on back side.


length:  145cm
width:  84cm
depth:  62cm
Packed Height:  58cm
Packed Width:  97cm
Packed Length:  175cm

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Maker's statement

My work has a sense of the medical, protecting the body with enigmatic therapeutic appliances. Through textile and stitch, I assemble found materials which include sheet, bolsters, blankets, pillow cases with tapes and ties.