Carved Crocodile (W35)

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Carved Crocodile

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Pine representation of a crocodile with an articulated tail, stained green overall with a yellow underbelly and pink mouth. The body and head are solid wood with the tail in five parts joined together with leather. There are two sets of wheels on base. Its jaws open to reveal a red leather tongue, and a fish carved and coloured with an articulated body and leather fins; black, blue, red, silver and yellow.

Materials and techniques

Quebec pine; carved and coloured with waxes, and finished with beeswax. The body is made from separate planks glued together and the jaws are hinged. The piece is then carved and the colour applied and rubbed in. The segments are carved and separated along the cut line and articulated by leather which is held in place with glue and dowels.


length:  117cm
width:  21cm
height:  14cm

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  • Carved Crocodile, Howard Raybould, 1979, Crafts Council Collection: W35. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

In the context of my work it represents something about the way I feel 'quality' or whatever you like to call, should be present, or can be present in toys, or other areas that are often regarded as ordinary. Does that make any sense?

Howard Raybould, October 1980