Megatron - Whatnot - Etagère (W64)

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Megatron - Whatnot - Etagère

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Display stand with a laminated frame of veneered plywood, supporting large wooden abstract features overhead and at the base of the main body.

Materials and techniques

At the top, veneered chipboard tetrahedrons are held together with a tubular metal tie bar. These in turn support cantilevered display surfaces in veneered chipboard.

The main frame has two components. A laminated ply (4 layers of 3mm) shaped in a mould and veneered with Movingue and blue Bolivar and a diamond shape laminate free-formed using a tourniquet.


length:  173cm
width:  77cm
height:  167cm

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  • Megatron - Whatnot - Etagère, Fred Baier, 1985, Crafts Council Collection: W64. Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

Maker's statement

Consideration as an object is that viewed from the side the piece is attention seeking for itself but from either end provides either a golden or a blue backdrop for the displayed item with the upper levels for objects best viewed at eye level.

The inspiration has been to try and create a contemporary object that works within a framework of rules extracted from definitions of ‘Baroque’. It is a bit flamboyant but that is one of the original meanings of the word. Other prescribed guidelines are to make resistant materials perform like flowing fabric and for static objects to embody graceful movement. (my interpretation – birds in flight) I am extra pleased with the Megatron for 2 reasons, 1) It bought out a new and very exciting technique of free-form bending, 2) Although I love to do work for people using my skills to provide them with a service, I also like to go wild every now and then and intend that these more wacky extravagances sell through the art market rather than the furniture one. The Megatron seems to have caught the attention of some of these gallery people so keep your fingers crossed.